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Holiday Trends:

“The holidays” is that all too common phrase we start hearing by the end of Halloween, bringing family and friends closer together. Soon enough the scent of turkey and pumpkin fill the air, then comes a cooler breeze and smells of pine, cinnamon, and the sound of a fireplace. Warmer states see lighted palm trees while the colder areas opt for snow plows.

But how do we decorate for the holidays? Here are some trends to try this holiday season.

1. Choose a color scheme. Go for classic combinations of gold and silver, red and green, blue and white, or blue and yellow. Mix it up by filling a silver bowl with a colored ornaments set.Or try non-traditional colors with extra ornamentation for a general wintery look.
2. Add some organic elements. Glitter and paint dipped pinecones, Poinsettia trees, or a vase of white flowers can add a subtle touch of holiday style.
3. Textures! Old-school plaid, burlap, or even chevron print in the right colors will dress up your home.
4. Add a little light. Twinkling lights and lanterns don’t have to just be for your tree or outside, hang a few inside too! Add a stream of lights by a window or around your dining table, or a few lanterns around your living room for an extra dose of festive ambience.
5. If anything, decorate your dining area. Why? Almost every holiday is centered around a beyond ordinary meal. So spice things up with decked out dining room.

These items from our collection can seamlessly transition from fabulous modern style to jolly holiday style:
1 Kadi Modern Throw

2 Tura Modern Throw

4 Hisar Modern Pillow

5 Seoni Pillow

6 Olga Modern Pillow

7 Katia Modern Pillow

8 Lexington Extendable Mid Century Modern Dining Table White

9 Palerma Modern Dining Table White

10 Celeste Modern Dining Chair White

Niero Chairs Niero Armless Modern Dining Chairs

Camile Chairs Camille Contemporary Dining Chairs

15 Moon Medusa Contemporary Chandelier White

16 Silver Mandrino Table Lamp

17 Mandrino Ceiling Lamp Silver

18 Silver Modern Chest

19 Cassiopeia Contemporary Floor Lamp

20 Fluffy Contemporary Carpet Grey

21 Zebra Modern Rug

22 Savina Contemporary Arm Chair White

23 Aero Modern Arm Chair White

24 Aviator Modern Arm Chair White


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