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Furniture pieces that will help you keep your sanity

Spring is in the air! It’s a beautiful time of the year, but that extra hour of sunlight can also make a day that much more draining. While running in and out of the door, using those additional minutes to get stuff done, we’re often left with the unwanted stress of a messy home. Bring some structure into your life with these functional furniture pieces. They will help keep you organized, and assist you in keeping your sanity during this busy season.

“Everything in its right place” – this is the universal rule to staying organized. A shelved bookcase is one of the most practical pieces you could ever have in your home. Use discrete baskets and fabric bins to organize anything from china to blankets for your kids’ sleepovers. This is a great way to keep things organized and off the floor! Exposed compartments may also be used to display your favorite books, décor, and family photos.

modani panther Furniture pieces that will help you keep your sanity

A sitting space should feel relaxing, not overwhelming. Keep your living room clutter-free with a coffee table equipped with storage drawers or a bottom shelf. Organize mail and magazines in decorative baskets, and store gaming peripherals and remote controls in the table’s drawers. Now, put up your feet, light a candle, and enjoy a relaxing evening in!

modani modern cabinet Furniture pieces that will help you keep your sanity

Receipts, coupons, bills, kids’ report cards– these pesky papers end up in nooks and crannies all over the house! Use file cabinets to keep them all in one place.To save you from searching high and low, you may even file them by category. Available in a wide range of modern designs, file cabinets can blend in with decor. They can give you the structure you’ve been searching for, while also keeping your house looking fresh and stylish!

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to create storage space. These functional pieces will have you ready to relax in no time!

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Steven Athea is the co-founder of Modani, a contemporary furniture store with locations across the U.S. Steven has a degree in Design and Architecture from The Architecture School of Antibes in France. He has designed and decorated several high-end night clubs and restaurants in Miami Beach. Steven’s eye for design has helped launch Modani into a national success, attracting the attention of celebrities such as Sean Combs, the Kardashians and Lady Gaga.


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