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Finding Zen: Making A Room Less Chaotic with “Anywhere” Space Savers + Lights

De-cluttering a room is the first step to creating a Zen space. You don’t have to go full-on minimalist to avoid clutter and chaos, but once everything has its own place, keeping things clean comes naturally. Modani offers storage pieces that optimize on space and style!
Proper lighting is crucial in any home, and the goal is to create a “barely there” appearance rather than using short, bulky lamps. Adding enough light to your space creates an open effect on the room.


Silver Modern Chest (
The Silver Modern Chest can be used as storage, a stylish companion to the bedroom or living room, or as a stool. It’s easy to tuck into a corner or place to the side of your bed or a lounge chair.


Moss Long Mid Century Modern Shelf Walnut (
The Moss Long Mid Century Modern Shelf Walnut takes storage to a new level. By placing this on the walls, you can remove floor clutter and utilize the height of your walls.


Kaden Glass Modern Console (
The Kaden Glass Modern Console is sleek and minimalist. You can place belongings on top but also use the empty space below to push away clutter.


Edan Mid Century Modern Shelf White (
Whether you’re trying to find a stylish place for books or organize the trinkets in your home, the Edan Mid Century Modern Shelf is designed to store everything while offering a modern look.


Santuzza Modern TV Stand White (
If you’re looking for an all-in-one piece of furniture, the Santuzza Modern TV Stand is made to fit more than just your television. It has more than enough storage to get your living room in mess-free, stylish shape.


Hube Contemporary Walnut Storage Unit (
Need something quick, convenient, and modern to stow things away? The Hube Contemporary Walnut Storage Unit fits the mold with a funky shape and total mobility.


Kaluga Contemporary TV Stand (
Give your TV somewhere to stand while concealing the unsightly odds and ends of your living room with multiple drawers and an extending surface.



Lucide Modern Floor Lamp (
Sleek and thin, the Lucide Modern Floor Lamp stands as a stately and elegant beam of light in any room of your home that needs more light.


Barcelo Modern Floor Lamp (
Your style doesn’t have to suffer just because you love minimalism and functionality. The Barcelo Modern Floor Lamp gives a glam design and bright lighting.


Totem Contemporary Big Floor Lamp (
Embrace tall spaces in your home. The Totem Contemporary Big Floor Lamp takes light to another level with its top hitting over 6 feet.


Link Modern Ceiling Lamp (
Set the mood with the Link Modern Ceiling Lamp. It takes no space away from your floors, eliminating the risk of clutter but also brightening your space from above.



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