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How to use plants as décor:

Plants as décor is no new phenomenon yet it remains a classic way to keep your home looking and feeling alive. A few potted plants give a home a relaxed and lived-in feel and can even mask a spot in the room you wish was better furnished. Not everyone has a green thumb, but there are enough plant species that can easily adapt to the occasional missed watering; or at

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All About Wallpaper

The Problem: You’ve been thinking “I need change” while looking at your current home décor. You may be contemplating renovating or buying new furniture but realize there’s not enough money in the budget. You’re fearing having the same décor crisis in another six months or even a year or two. You may be ready for a revamp project. The Fix: You’re in luck, the wallpaper trend is back! Wallpaper can

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How to Arrange Your Office Furniture:

Whether you’re looking to make a home office or a corporate one, the perfect arrangement is pertinent for maximum productivity. It’s worth the time spent to pre-plan your furniture strategy in order to use your time and space wisely. Make the most out of your space: Have a place for everything in order to keep things organized. Without proper storage, your office mess can run rampant. Heavily trafficked areas need

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Furnishing a One Bedroom Apartment On a Budget:

Living in a big city sometimes means you aren’t living in such a big space. Utilizing each inch of space is vital in creating a clean looking, organized home. There are 3 main rooms you have in a home: a bedroom, dining room, and living room. A corner may end up being the dining room, empty space against the wall may be a bedroom or living room. A spot by

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LA House Tour

Recently Modani LA artfully furnished the Watermarke Tower and W Hollywood Residencies. These spaces are the perfect setting to show off all that modern style has to offer—clean, minimal, and elegant style. Each room is furnished to have exactly what it needs without overcomplicating the space. As always, modern furniture resists clutter while adding charm to each room. Get in touch with Alex, the designer who created these looks, and

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