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How to use plants as décor:

Plants as décor is no new phenomenon yet it remains a classic way to keep your home looking and feeling alive. A few potted plants give a home a relaxed and lived-in feel and can even mask a spot in the room you wish was better furnished.

Not everyone has a green thumb, but there are enough plant species that can easily adapt to the occasional missed watering; or at the very least, require you to simply put it near the sunlight and be watered weekly. Whether you choose these natural companions as a hobby, style piece, or to freshen your air, plants have such variety that they can fit into any décor.


Plant décor fits anywhere:
Your plants don’t necessarily have to hang out in the corner or on a window sill. They can be placed anywhere in your home. Pin some above your bed as pictured above, or try using a spare chair or side table. Wherever you place your new green companions, just be sure to move them daily to proper sunlight if needed.

Controversy over plants in the bedroom:
Plants act as air purifiers, filters, and can maintain the level of humidity in your room. There are concerns over plants in your bedroom sharing the oxygen you breathe in. This issue would be similar to you sharing the room with your spouse, friend, or guest. Both parties are absorbing the oxygen and emitting carbon dioxide. However, you can avoid this altogether by choosing succulents, orchids, and epiphytic bromeliads that take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night.


Get innovative with your design:
You can use any furniture piece to host a sitting potted plant. Once you’ve chosen a flower or vibrant leafy plant, you can pot and place it anywhere you see fit. Let the foliage from ivies hang loose in a well-lit area. You can even pin the falling pieces on surround walls for a crafty look. Try planting herbs in similar jars and arrange them as part of your kitchen’s décor. If you have tall ceilings, use a plant like ficus or bamboo to accentuate the height.


These spaces are well light, giving plants that need a high amount of natural light a fitting home. This plant creates height, being the tallest object in the room.


Even though this room is filled, the plant adds an intimate touch to the room and disguises as part of the décor.


• Use a plant to fill an awkward space, balance a space, add symmetry, or to create a coherent theme throughout your home
• Decorate a bare window ledge with plants that need lots of light
• Group plants together that are naturally found together in nature in order to limit maintenance


If you’re unsure about which plants to look into, here are some resources to get you started:

Low maintenance house plants: aloe, asparagus fern, peace lily, snake plants, Chinese evergreen, English ivy, ficus, spider plant, arrowhead vine, tradescantia, pothos,

Succulents: jade plant, agave, aloe, crassula, echeveria, sedum

How to grow fruits indoors:

Can’t jump on the plants bandwagon? Go into a Modani showroom to get faux flower arrangements to set as a centerpiece or elegant addition to your overall space. No green thumb required!






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