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How to Arrange Your Office Furniture:

Whether you’re looking to make a home office or a corporate one, the perfect arrangement is pertinent for maximum productivity. It’s worth the time spent to pre-plan your furniture strategy in order to use your time and space wisely.

Make the most out of your space:

Have a place for everything in order to keep things organized. Without proper storage, your office mess can run rampant. Heavily trafficked areas need ample room so there’s little chaos. Placing enough space in the right areas eliminates confusion and gives a natural flow to traffic in your office. This includes spaces like entryways and near any communal chairs so you, coworkers, and clients don’t struggle to get around.

See how the Modani team has made a productive and comfy work environment?



Choose ergonomic chairs that cater to a wide range of people so all employees and guests spend their days without strain. Because we normally work at a desk all day, comfort while sitting is even more important. Also, have a pair or more of chairs in foyers or spare open spaces around your office.

Desk size matters:

Your desk shape and size is all dependent on your work type. A digital worker whose tasks are more computer and phone based most likely wouldn’t need a bulky U-shaped desk but a smart writing desk with a few drawers. In Modani’s office, everyone uses the Lennox Modern Office Desks. There’s ample storage and surface space that no one feels crowded.



Proper lighting is important to keep employees comfortable and happy. It maintains your ambience and is essential to prevent eye strain while staring at computer screens all day. Layer the lighting in your office by playing up on ceiling fixtures, table or floor lamps, and natural light.

Shop Modani Office:


Linea Mid Century Modern Office Desk Walnut

Lewis Desk

Lenox Modern Office Desk

Edison Modern Office Desk White


Lagos Office Chair Red or Black or Brown

Calypso Pro Office Chair Silver or White

Singularis Office Chair Black or White

Simmons Office Chair White or Black


Liberia Modern White Library

Simax Modern Office Lamp

Winston Contemporary Floor Lamp

Jackson Contemporary Floor Lamp


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