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Furnishing a One Bedroom Apartment On a Budget:

Living in a big city sometimes means you aren’t living in such a big space. Utilizing each inch of space is vital in creating a clean looking, organized home. There are 3 main rooms you have in a home: a bedroom, dining room, and living room. A corner may end up being the dining room, empty space against the wall may be a bedroom or living room. A spot by the window might be able to fit a writing desk for a home office. The advantage is you have full range to sculpt your space and make it your own.

An eating spot can be as simple as a duo table:
A simple dining table and chairs is enough to make a cozy nook to eat and spend time. You don’t need a full set of chairs, as no one would expect you to fit a full house when you only have one room. It also doubles as extra seating when you have guests over.

Flowers will fill up the space:

Flowers, whether faux or real, make for an earthy and vibrant addition to any space. Using flowers is an organic way to freshen up your area and fill the voids without over cluttering.


Importance of color scheme:
Using color to anchor a room makes the décor come together. You can use different shades of the same color, alternate textures, or try a few pops of color if things start to become dull.


Online shopping options:

Other than scouring thrift stores and yard sales, one of the best ways to furnish your home on a budget is by looking online for a company’s sales, coupons, and financing options. Sign up for newsletters and alerts from companies you’re trying to buy from. Find friends or relatives who have an eye for design so they can help you narrow down what to buy.

Financing options:
For example, Modani offers 0% financing and has huge sales year round, and you can be alerted by signing up for our newsletter. Also, we offer free in-house design consultations where our specialists make a comprehensive décor plan specifically for you.

Projects done from our design consultants:


Here are some budget-friendly, space efficient Modani pieces:

Dining room:
Adam Round Glass Modern Dining Table
Eve Round Glass Modern Dining Table
Bellagio Contemporary Dining Chairs Black or White

Living room:

Edan Mid Century Modern Shelf White or Walnut
Epoppe Contemporary TV Stand White
Nelson Sofa Gray or White
Flavia Modern Coffee Table White
Flavia Modern Side Table White


Montone Modern Bed
Behn Modern Bed Black
Cavana Storage Modern Bed White
Lea Contemporary Dresser Walnut , White , or Black

Lighting & Mirrors:

Silvio Modern Mirror White
Solaris Contemporary Mirror
Mosaik Modern Mirror
Lucide Modern Table Lamp
Lucide Floor Lamp
Benu Ceiling Lamp


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