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Designer Spotlight: Cathy Hobbs Transforms Your Space Through Interior Design

Celebrity interior designer Cathy Hobbs, host of Design Recipes, recently partnered with Modani to complete a home staging transformation in order to sell a 3,000 square foot Tribeca Loft. We learned that no space is too big or awkward to ignore. Fresh design makes all the difference whether you’re prepping for a home staging, just moving in, or in need of revamping an outdated space.

Identifying what needs to be accomplished is the first step to transforming a room or a home. Consider the size of the project—is it one room or the whole home? Each room should have a layout that portrays a distinct message. From there, create a budget and search.

Here a recap of what we learned from Cathy Hobbs:

Don’t be afraid to add in pieces you love just because they don’t fit the tight “neutrals only” guideline you promised yourself in the beginning stage of remodeling. Using different hues of the same color makes rooms feel interesting and natural. Neutral large furniture items allow for colorful ornamentation that can change later as often as you’d like.



Funky textures and patterns are a fast way to add character to a room. Warm woods and knit fabrics perfectly counteract starkness. You might find that a layer of patterned wallpaper may in fact be all you need to spice up your office.



You should find an eye-catching piece in each room. Statement pieces can range from statues to plants to a bold chandelier. Because modern furniture embodies form over function, many pieces can have an interesting design while remaining practical.



Space Size:
No room should go unnoticed. Whether it’s too small or oversized, fit furniture accordingly; expand horizontally for big spaces and vertically for smaller ones.



Watch the dramatic difference!
part one
part two


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